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What is Breaking Down Stigma About Anyway… 

I wouldn’t dare say I know everyone’s experiences. Quite a few of us, however, can attest to being taught or hearing ways of thinking and behaving that are unhealthy. Ideals about women. Ideals about emotions and who should display them. Whether or not mental health is relevant in communities of color. You know - the list goes on and on. 


Whether through my formal education, work experiences or life simply happening, I’ve developed an understanding that one way to experience wellness is by assessing this stigma that exists in our cultures and the stigma we have internalized.

Not addressing external and internalized stigma will keep individuals and communities bound. Not addressing stigma creates additional opportunities to repeat cycles in ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, leading to a lack of optimal living. Not acknowledging or addressing stigma means not addressing systemic barriers and the barriers we've placed in front of ourselves. Because of this Breaking Down Stigma was conceived. 


Breaking Down Stigma functions as a safe space to explore all things mental health. The goal of Breaking Down Stigma is to facilitate conversations that surpass this virtual community, and enter your daily lives. We hope you learn about people's journeys and feel encouraged to share your own. We hope you're more inclined to seek out services and find support. Remember - you are not alone. 

We are rooting for you, always.

Diamond James, MSW, LCSWA

Who I Am… 

Diamond James is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate who is passionate about serving others. Currently, she provides therapeutic services to youth and adolescents. In and out of her profession, she is a proponent of individuals finding and utilizing their own voices to dismantle stigma and experience wellness. Her professional interests include cognitive restructuring, trauma, grief, advocating for communities of color, policy reform and finding ways to creatively include the arts into her field.