Soul Session: Mental Health & Creatives pt. 1

Breaking Down Stigma (BDS) is doing something new! We are bringing Soul Sessions to you. BDS cannot exist without community. So, consider Soul Sessions a further extension of showing how mental health is relevant to all areas of life with some really cool people we've had the pleasure of meeting along our journey.

In our first Soul Session, we've chatted with some amazing Black creatives about their journeys as humans, creatives and the role mental and emotional health plays in it all. We talked about stigma, comparison, creativity and social justice, embracing the pace of your journey and so much more. This conversation is so rich we had to create a part one and part two. You don't want to miss a minute of it. Let us know your takeaways from this discussion.

To find out more about our friends and what they do check out their info below!

Ahji - singer, songwriter

Instagram: loveahji

Music: Before...

Khas Dock - business consultant, writer and ghostwriter

Instagram: khasdock


Joe Providence - graphic designer

Instagram: joevgfx

Segments of Part One:


00:00 - 6:45

Mental Health Stigma

6:45 - 22:30

The Life of Black Creatives in 2020

22:30 - 39:00

Comparison/Feeling like I have something to prove

39:00 - 44:00

Imposter Syndrome

44:00 - 46:20

Embracing your journey and tips along the way

46:20 - end

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