I believe in order to truly break down stigma and be well mentally and emotionally, it's important that we talk about this topic: vulnerability.

It's something that is essential to our everyday living, but can be a daunting task to engage in.

There are many reasons why we struggle to be vulnerable with other people. For some, it's way easier to be vulnerable physically and sexually than it is to be emotionally. We may have experienced past hurt and betrayal that have become roadblocks to real intimacy in our current relationships. It may be uncomfortable being vulnerable with others because that means we also have to be vulnerable and face ourselves. Sometimes, it's difficult to face ourselves when we're filled with shame!

I found a great podcast on Therapy for Black Girls that explores these realities and the importance of vulnerability in all relationships. This conversation fuels introspection for us to be well.

The guest speaker on this podcast, Chasity Chandler, said a few things that were profound that I think is important to listen for:

  • Vulnerability is so essential we need it to breathe.

  • Vulnerability cannot be the first thing I expect from you, but the last thing I show of myself. (ouch!)

  • Shame exists where empathy does not.

If you have not heard of Dr. Joy and Therapy for Black Girls, you are missing out. Grab a seat on the couch, check out the podcast below, and continue the conversation:

Session 96: Exploring Vulnerability

I'm rooting for you, always.

Diamond James, MSW, LCSWA

#Vulnerability #BreakingDownStigma #MentalHealth #EmotionalWellness

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